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Here’s the $40M check Floyd Mayweather received for the Cenelo Alvarez fight (pic)


Floyd Mayweather Jr. was guaranteed about $40 million as the purse for last weekend’s fight against Canelo Alvarez. Not a bad haul. Alvarez reportedly was expected to receive approximately $10 million, if not more, for losing to Mayweather. Not a bad haul, either.

While not as flashy as the bud bounty Snoop Dogg received for betting on Mayweather, the boxer received a check in the amount of $40,870,000 from Golden Boy Promotions, LLC for the purse. Wonder why he didn’t opt for direct deposit.

To make the money Mayweather earned on Saturday all the more amazing/mind-blowing/infuriating is that the boxer could make upwards of a $100 million total once the pay-per-view revenues are tallied and divvied up.

Nope, not depressing at all. And here I am looking at the $12 check on my desk that I received as a rebate from Heartgard for my dog’s medicine. Yeah.

[H/T With Leather]