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Either this dancing Brewers fan is really drunk or she has boogie fever (video)

Actually, in reference to the above post title, there is a distinct possibility that this older lady could have been both drunk and have a case of boogie fever. This is a Milwaukee Brewers game, after all.

Milwaukeeans are known for their love of beer, not to mention having habits directly related to the increased risk of becoming afflicted with said boogie fever. Being drunk being the predominant cause. And the cure, too, maybe.

Either way, between her fantastic dance moves to the Ray Charles ditty “Shake a Tailfeather” at Miller Park on Wednesday and her equally fantastic sequined, multicolored “COWGIRL” top, this older gal has got it going on.

I’d like to see this lady and the belly-jiggling Kansas City Royals fan face each other in a dance-off to determine which ballpark holds crazy dancing supremacy in the Midwest.