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Adrian Peterson says dealing with fantasy football owners can be ‘a headache’


Being arguably the best football player on the planet certainly has its benefits. Fame, fortune, accolades, adulation, you name it. No one is going to deny that it’s a pretty good gig. But it certainly can have its minor, yet irritating, drawbacks, especially in this day and age. Just ask Minnesota Vikings running back and reigning NFL MVP Adrian Peterson.

While there are probably far worse annoyances and issues Peterson has to deal with on a daily basis that are the more-than-fair price he pays for the aforementioned fame and fortune, one thing that definitely can stick in his craw from time to time are boneheaded fantasy football owners who continuously give him grief if he doesn’t perform well enough on Sundays to help them win their little fantasy games.

In fact, Peterson calls dealing with the dolts “worksome.” See? It’s so annoying Peterson had to make up a word to articulate just how bothersome it can be to an NFL football player.

For the Win’s Chris Strauss asked Peterson about fantasy football partly due to recent comments by Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice on Twitter about it, in which he stated he doesn’t like fantasy football anymore because of the “hateful and spiteful” nature of comments that have been directed at him because of fantasy.

Said Peterson on the topic of having to deal with over-aggressive, vitriolic fantasy football owners: “I don’t wanna say it’s so worksome, but it gets worksome. You’ve got so many different personalities out there. You’ve got people that’s cheering you on and people that beat you down because you didn’t score a touchdown or get this amount of yards. So, it’s cool but then again it’s a headache as well. It’s more of a headache if you let it bother you, which I don’t.”

This isn’t the first time Peterson has expressed his frustration with fantasy football owners. In December of 2011, he offered up the following tweet:

Ha. Go kick rocks. I’m going to start using that one.

Peterson added that it’s not only on Twitter, either. People will walk right up to him and give him grief over their precious fantasy football team.

“I’ve heard some crazy responses,” Peterson said. “Not just through Twitter but just in person, like wow. Did I just get threatened to rush for 100 yards? You would think it be more so the people that didn’t get you, but it’s the ones that have you. I’m not just going about myself, I’m kind of talking in general about other people having criticized the player they pick as well. It’s brutal for some guys. Then next week when you throw for 300 or 400 yards, you’re the baddest thing smokin’. But that’s just the way of the world.”

While it unfortunately may be the way of the world, that doesn’t make it any less of a sad commentary about people who take fantasy football far too seriously; although that is the opinion of a person who hasn’t played fantasy football in over a decade. And do you know what? Watching football on Sundays, taking in the pregame and postgame coverage and following the NFL throughout the week is a much more enjoyable experience without being constantly distracted by worrying about how things are affecting my fantasy squad. At least for me.