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Underwear-clad bozo at Rays game was once arrested for giving wedgies


Charles T. Ross, 19, the underwear-only-clad bozo who stormed the field after making a grand entrance by flipping over a dugout during Monday’s game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers at Tropicana Field, spent Monday night in jail after security apprehended him.

Ross was booked by Tampa police and charged with resisting a merchant, trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was released on Tuesday morning without bail.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Ross has run afoul of the law due to his madcap and lame-brained antics of tomfoolery and skullduggery.

In fact, Ross, referred to in a report by The Tampa Tribune as a “known prankster,” was arrested in January after he was caught giving wedgies at a movie theater to unwitting participants in an example of a video documenting the kind of hijinks he routinely uploads to his own website.

Other examples of his buffoonery he documents on his webstie include, according to the report, “hugging strangers in public, doing handstands over people sunbathing at the beach and resting his head on a stranger’s shoulder.”

What a wild and crazy guy.

Following his January arrest for wedgies, Ross reportedly said, ““I get the cops called on a lot of the pranks that I do. I wasn’t surprised to, like, see them and stuff. And doing what I do, I kind of, like, expect things can happen.”

Like, totally.

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