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RG3 on Redskins name controversy: ‘I can’t really dive into that’


During Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s media availability session with the media on Wednesday in advance of the team’s game against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Detroit Free-Press reporter Dave Birkett indicates that RG3 attempted to sidestep the issue regarding all the controversy swirling around the Redskins name.

RG3 was confronted about the name, he essentially issued a no comment and is quoted as telling reporters, “I can’t really dive into that …”

Of course, the Redskins name has been a source of controversy and debate for decades, but it certainly has been a central issue since last spring, when team owner, beginning to feel the pressure to change the name by some pretty powerful external forces, including a D.C. councilman, stated unequivocally in May that he has no plans or intent to do so, defiantly saying, “We will never change the name of the team.”

Several media outlets, including Peter King’s MMQB site, have taken on the issue and have begun refusing to use the Redskins name in its reports.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, after the league has stood behind the team and its name consistently, appears to be softening the rigid stance, saying recently about the Redskins name: “…if we are offending one person, we need to be listening and making sure that we’re doing the right things to try to address that.”

Birkett also reports via Twitter that RG3 hinted that players have been advised not too discuss the issue, although not by whom.

Birkett later tweeted that Robert Griffin III, perhaps attempting to say something without saying anything, issued this somewhat perplexing comment: “I’m not native American. I’m sure I have a little bit of blood in me .. But we’re not at that authority to know what to do in that.”

Wait. What? I don’t even know what that means. To do what in what? Talk about the ultimate and confusing non-comment comment.

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