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Jonathan Villar slides into second, gets face-full of Reds infielder butt (vid)


Usually, when a baseball player slides headfirst into a base, the worst thing he has to worry about is jamming his fingers on the bag, maybe taking a knee to the noggin. But when Houston Astros shortstop Jonathan Villar attempted a headfirst slide into second base while attempting to leg-out a double during the bottom of the first inning in a game against the Cincinnati Reds, he was greeted with a much worse alternative: A face–full of second baseman Brandon Phillips’ butt.

To make matters worse, Phillips executed a nifty between-the-legs slide, so despite taking a butt to the face, Villar was called out on the play.

Video via

And a GIF (via SB Nation):

Is it too much to ask to hope that Phillips has followed the endorsement advice of NFL centers and utilizes the cleansing qualities of One Wipe Charlies? Sheesh.

And how awesome would it have been had the announcer tried to come up with some real clever to the analysis of the play? I don’t know, how about, “Clear away the antipasti dishes, it’s time to toss the salad!”

Sure, it would have been crass, but oh so funny.