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Cleveland Browns fan has fantastic franchise quarterbacks jersey (photo)

Cleveland Browns Vs. St. Louis Rams 11-13-2011

It was announced on Wednesday that third-string quarterback Brian Hoyer would get the start in the battle of 0-2 teams on Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Minnesota Vikings.

Hoyer is stepping in for Brandon Weeden, who has an injured thumb, and above second-string quarterback Jason Campbell, who was treated like a signal-calling Fredo Corleone when he was passed over by Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Long-suffering Browns fans have seen a litany of changes at the quarterback position since 1999, when the team selected Tim Couch with the first overall pick in the NFL draft.

Stability at the quarterback position is integral for a team to have any hopes of long-term, consistent success, and the Brown have been so unstable for so long. To put it in its proper perspective, including Tim Couch and Brian Hoyer, the Browns will have used a stupefying nineteen quarterbacks in fourteen seasons.

At least one loyal — and presumably and understandably — embittered Browns backer has decided to make some major modifications to a Tim Couch jersey handing on a mannequin in order to document the length and breadth of the struggles the team has had trying to find and maintain competency at quarterback.

Via Instagram:

Well played. Although perhaps it would be wise to add some extra material to the bottom of the jersey so the names already running off and any additional names fit on it. Methinks Hoyer won’t be the last name tacked on to that troubling list.

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