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Bill Belichick is a funny guy, cracks wise about Rob Gronkowski’s status (video)


With Tim Tebow’s unceremonious exodus from the New England Patriots organization in late August, it only makes sense that head coach Bill Belichick would have a new pet peeve about his frequent interactions with the media. Because we all know how much Belichick loves dealing with the media. And a barrage of questions about Tim Tebow certainly drew the coach’s ire and irritation. Not quite as bad as questions about Aaron Hernandez, but Belichick’s annoyance was still palatable.

But now, with Tebow long gone, questions about the imminent (or not-so imminent) return of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to the lineup have become the impetus to Belichick’s befuddlement related to repeated and annoying inquiries from the media.

The coach met with reporters on Wednesday morning before the team took the field to practice. The latest update regarding Gronk’s status was on Tuesday, when it was reported that the chances of him playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday was at about 50/50.

This surely is bad news for Tom Brady, whose head may just explode if the condition of the team’s receiving corps don’t improve, chances of which Gronkowski’s return would definitely improve.

But that does not mean Belichick was unwilling to have some fun at the expense of the media’s need to have an up-to-the-minute status report on Gronkowski. So, he showed off his comedy skills with a witty, but accurate, retort.

Said Belichick: “We haven’t practiced today, we’ve just been sitting in a meeting. He looks great sitting in a meeting.”


The audio quality isn’t the best, but WEEI has the video where you can definitely see Belichick smirk, clearly amused with his rapier wit.

Classic. Don’t ever change, Coach Bill Belichick, you stubborn, persnickety and cranky fellow.