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Underwear-only clad idiot disrupts Rangers-Rays game at Tropicana Field (GIF)


In yet another example of just how idiotically awesome some people can be, a guy clad only in his skivvies stormed the field during Monday’s tilt between the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers at Tropicana Field.

But this guy’s unconventional entrance revealed that he clearly understands the concept of showmanship, as he flipped over the Rangers dugout to make his way onto the field of play, a move nearly as insane as believing that running around in front of thousands of people in your underwear is a good idea to begin with.

Rangers skipper Ron Washington’s reaction as the guy landed on the field may have been understated, but it was awesome nonetheless:

To further add to the insanity of it all, none other than Dick Vitale tweeted a photo documenting the handcuffed endgame of Tighty-Whitey Man’s of-field antics as he’s dragged off the field by security:

What the hell? This guy is an underewar-clad all-star. While all attempts at “streaking” are truly a fool’s endeavor, but I suppose if a person is going to do it, they may as well do so with an original sense of style and showmanship, something this guy accomplished in spades.

[H/T SB Nation]