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Plenty of seats (most of them) were available for Panthers exhibition (pic)


If a puck is dropped and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? On Monday afternoon, the Florida Panthers hosted the Nashville Predators for some preseason exhibition game action. Between the Panthers having experienced plenty of problems over the years getting fans to put their butts in the seats, the event being a meaningless exhibition and the bizarre time to schedule said exhibition game — a Monday afternoon, for Pete’s sake — pretty much no one showed up.

Hardly surprising, given all the factors working against the likelihood of a big showing by fans, it’s nevertheless an amusing sight to behold. Sparsely attended doesn’t even begin to describe the scene. Crap, if concession stands were open, there were more people working in them than people to serve, for crying out loud.

[H/T Eye on Hockey, image via @rinkside]