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Portly Royals fan celebrates triple with hypnotic jiggling of exposed belly fat (vid)


There are some things that cannot be unseen. One of those things is watching this “husky” Kansas City Royals fan gleefully exposing the considerable and flabby girth located around the middle of his torso as he celebrates a triple during the sixth inning of the hometown team’s game against the Cleveland Indians at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday.

Lorenzo Cain followed a leadoff triple with an RBI triple of his own. After Cain legged out his three-bagger, the cameras panned the crowd and found this guy, perhaps in a sweatshirt a few sizes too small, letting it all hang out while he got jiggly with it in a joyous and slightly off-putting celebration of baseball and belly fat.


It’s … hypnotic. To further establish that it is easier than expected to become lost in rhythmic and somewhat disturbing jiggling, here it is in GIF form (via SB Nation/MLB GIFs):

Good Lord. Certainly not the best kind of visual, but hypnotic nonetheless.

This is exactly why the folks at Spanx should develop products designed specifically for men. What’s that? They do? Why hasn’t anyone told me???

Also worth noting: Courtesy of Tuesday’s 7-1 win, the Royals now are only 2.5 games back in the AL Wild Card race. Expect for jiggling. Maybe.