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Carolina Hurricanes star Jeff Skinner gives Taylor Swift autographed jersey (pic)


Carolina Hurricanes young star Jeff Skinner had a brush with greatness recently when he not only was able to present country pop megastar Taylor Swift with a replica of his very own team jersey that he had autographed, but also was afforded the opportunity to pose alongside the attractive young lady.

The photo, tweeted by Skinner with the message, “Growing the game…. One person at a time,” was perhaps snapped when Swift was in Raleigh, N.C., last Friday for a stop on her 2013 tour.

Skinner, 21, is a bit younger than the 23-year-old Swift, but one has to wonder if the baby-faced (seriously, how young does he look in that photo?) hockey player was able to charm Swift to the degree to earn himself a date some day down the road.

Swift is always looking for her next muse, the guy who inspires her to write yet another “star-crossed lovers/he did me wrong” kind of tune.

If somehow Skinner can parlay this chance meeting into some kind of relationship with Swift, it will be a short-lived relationship. Her last album, “Red,” was released way back in October of 2012, meaning she needs to get writing soon.

[H/T Puck Daddy]