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Peyton Manning reportedly upset that there’s a strain of weed named after him


Last week, reports surfaced about how a Colorado marijuana dispensary was selling a strain of pot named after Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

And wouldn’t you know it? Peyton ain’t too happy about having his named associated with weed.

In fact, Manning is so upset that he has unleashed his legal team upon Good Meds and its proprietors, threatening legal action if the dispensary and cultivation facility doesn’t cease selling the Peyton Manning bud.

According to a CBS Denver report, one of the owners stated that Good Meds also sells a marijuana strain named after Peyton’s brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and that the two strains have those names because the seeds are related. Far out.

The Peyton Manning marijuana reportedly sells for $280 an ounce and is said to alleviate pain, anxiety, nausea and headaches.

CBS Denver sought out the Denver Broncos for comment, but the team directed the station to seek out Manning’s representatives, one of which stated that Good Meds “don’t have his permission for using his name for commercial purposes. If they continue to do so legal action will be taken.”

Wow, man. Talk about harshing someone’s mellow.

CBS Denver reports that the station received conflicting reports pertaining to whether or not the dispensary would continue selling either of the Manning brothers pot strains.

Sure, Manning wants to come down hard on this business for selling pot named after him but if Papa Johns started selling marijuana pizza, he’d be all for it.

Marijuana pizza. Huh. What would a person eat if they got the munchies from eating pot pizza? Another pot pizza? That sounds like a vicious circle. A groovy, mellow and tasty vicious circle.

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