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Louisville Cardinals fan’s Rick Pitino tattoo is straight-up nightmare fuel (photo)


Good Lord. It is not at all uncommon for big-time sports fans to get tattoos in order to pay tribute to a beloved team or favorite player. Sometimes, as is the case with this Boston Bruins tattoo, the results are excellent. Other times, the inked outcome is acceptable, like this James Harden tattoo. And then there are other times, such as this epically awful tattoo of Bubba Watson, the results are comically atrocious.

The tattoo of head coach Rick Pitino a Louisville Cardinals basketball fan, perhaps inspired by Pitino himself getting inked after winning the national championship, had done falls into the latter, Bubba nightmare fuel category.

Via Kentucky Sports Radio:


Egad. It’s not only bad, it’s terrifying. The interpretation of the Hall of Fame coach almost better resembles Paulie Walnuts from “The Sopranos” than Pitino.

[H/T College Spun]