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Richard Sherman has no problem with Colin Kaepernick’s bicep kiss celebration


Given that Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is a known provocateur on the football field — as well as off it — perhaps it should not be surprising that he said he has no problem with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s patented touchdown celebration of kissing his bicep.

Heading into a huge showdown with the division rival 49ers in a nationally televised, Sunday Night Football match-up, Sherman surprisingly had nothing bad to say about Colin Kaepernick’s post-scoring demonstration of appreciation for his upper arm muscularity.

Sherman, well-versed in the art of the taunt (he famously went after Tom Brady after the Seahawks’ win over the New England Patriots last October, sparking the “U MAD BRO?” meme), even praised Kaepernick’s bicep kiss.

As reported by NFL Nation’s Terry Blount: “It’s original, but there’s not a lot of movement into it,” Sherman said. “Jerry Rice [Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver] used to spike it and then do the cabbage patch. Victor Cruz [New York Giants receiver] has the salsa. I like the bicep kiss, though.”

When asked how it stacks up to other touchdown celebrations by players throughout the league, Sherman gave it pretty high marks.

“I think if we’re rating the top 10, I’ll put him maybe at 10, the back end of the top 10,’’ he said. “If he puts something with it, like did the bicep kiss and put something extra on it, then he’ll move up.”

So there you have it. Sherman is playing nice leading up to the big game, unlike 49ers running back Anthony Dixon, who referred to the Seattle NFL team as the “She-Hawks.”

At the same time, once the whistle blows, Sherman will be all about stopping Kaepernick from getting the chance to exhibit his scoring celebration. Further, I wouldn’t count on the cornerback ordering up any temporary tattoos and affixing them to his biceps in order to emulate the Niners quarterback anytime soon.