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Pirates fan demolishes child in quest to secure a stupid baseball hit into stands (video)

Certainly not the first time (see here and here) something somewhat similar to what transpired at PNC Park on Thursday night when a grown-ass man selfishly and irresponsibly runs over a kid in order to secure a souvenir, but that does not mean what occurred doesn’t merit briefly addressing.

During the top of the third inning in the match-up between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs, Darnell McDonald hit a ground-rule double into a location the announcers referred to as the “North Side Notch. As ball exits the field of play, a man absolutely bowls over a kid as the ball bounces into a little nook and cranny in the seats located in left-center field.

The announcers speculate that perhaps the man slipped on some wet stairs, and maybe he did. Maybe while tracking the flight of the ball he did not realize there was a kid standing there a few steps below him. Either way, pay better attention, guy. There’s no need for someone to get hurt in the quest for a measly baseball, especially a kid.

Personally, I prefer it when the kid gets the ball instead of the grown-up. Especially if said grown-up is a smoking-hot blonde woman.