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Kevin Durant spotted puffing on a hookah while hanging out in Miami (photos)


With NBA training camps only a short time away, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is busying himself with maximizing his relaxation before time runs out on his summer vacation and the grind of a basketball season begins anew.

Durant was spotted chilling out at a Miami smoke shop on Thursday, and was subsequently photographed enjoying some quite time as he puffed tranquilly on a hookah pipe.


TMZ reports that this isn’t the first time Durant apparently has enjoyed the calming effects of a hookah. In fact, he reportedly has been spotted doing that very thing while visiting Minnesota and Chicago and was photographed enjoying a hookah lounge while spending some time in China last summer.

IF Durant continues to be seen puffing on hookahs, it will only be a matter of time before the self-righteous, moral outrage will begin, with folks clamoring for him to stop doing such a disgraceful and nasty thing. If not for his own health, then in deference to the “Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?” mantra and all that stuff.