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There are Texas Rangers-branded waffles and pancakes because breakfast (pic)


A question for Texas Rangers fans: Even if you are unwilling to leggo your Eggo and insist that they’ll have to pry your Aunt Jemima pancakes from your cold dead hands, do you still feel like your pre-made breakfast items are holding you back from truly supporting your favorite major league baseball team?

If so, Pastime Foods has got your wholesome, tasty and nutritious answer: Texas Rangers-branded waffles, french toast and pancakes, ready to drop into your toaster (or put in your toaster oven if you happen to be a highfalutin jet-setter who freely spends money on fancy kitchen appliances).

As explained by Pastime Foods, the outfit that produces the baseball breakfast items:

Introducing the starting lineup of MLB all natural breakfast pancakes, waffles, and french toast. This summmer [sic], energize your morning Texas Rangers style! Fill out the form above to encourage a grocer near you to carry these new fan favorites.

The extra “m” in summer must stand for “mmm-mmmm!” Or something.

It remains unclear exactly how these items qualify as Texas Rangers-themed. Maybe freezer burn makes them taste so nasty it turns people so surly that the only thing that would make them feel better is if they could start wailing on Robin Ventura.

And yes, fans are encouraged to inform their local neighborhood grocer to start carrying these breakfast treats. Although even if a group of people in say, Anaheim, banded together and hassled their grocer to start carrying Rangers-themed waffles, I’m not sure how wide of a shipping radius Pastime Foods is willing to go. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.