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San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns takes another awesome team photo (pic)


Last year, the interwebs had a field day as it marveled at the epic team photo San Jose Sharks eccentric defenseman Brent Burns had taken for his official shot. If the sneak peek above of Burns’ recent photo session is any indication, this season’s version will prove to be just as enjoyable.

Actually, let’s cut through the suspense and have a look-see at the official team photo of Brent Burns for the 2013-14 NHL season.

Via @brodiebrazilCSN:


Brilliant. While it was difficult to top the post-lockout pic of Burns from last year where he more or less embodies the look of a disheveled homeless person. But this year’s “hobo samurai” certainly is no slouch in the brilliance department, either.

[H/T Minus Twenty-Two, top image via @SanJoseSharks]