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Of course there is an Andrew Luck corn maze in Indiana (photo)


Take that, Peyton Manning corn maze. As if a corn maze can take something, even “that.”

There’s something about Indiana that makes it a mecca of sorts for sports-inspired corn mazes. Okay, I can only come up with one other instance besides the above corn maze in Indiana depicting and celebrating Indianapolis Colts second-year quarterback Andrew Luck, but work with me here. We’re talking about freaking corn mazes.

Moving on, the Andrew Luck corn maze is located at something called Amazing Fall Fun, which is located approximately 35 minutes north of Fort Wayne and measures about 12 acres. A report from Fort Wayne’s News-Sentinel states that “opposing defensive players probably should avoid the maze, however, unless they want to risk even worse nightmares than what Luck already gives them” and that the maze “could leave them calling for a timeout.” Indeed.

[H/T Eye on Football, image via @darrenrovell]