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Barney’s movie had heart, but ‘Marlins fan hit in crotch by ball’ had yadda yadda yadda (video)


In a perfect metaphor for what it must be like to be a Miami Marlins fan, forced to sit in that near-empty, garish stadium while your hometown team stinks up the joint, one unlucky fellow unwittingly became mocking Internet crotch humor fodder when a home run off the bat of Atlanta Braves player Evan Gattis hit in square in the crotch.

Yeah, ain’t that a kick in the … you get it.


And the GIF, courtesy of SB Nation:

POW! Right in the ding-ding! It’s funny because he got hit in man parts. The fact that it didn’t happen to you makes it oh so more enjoyable to boot. Disagree with that assertion? What are you, some kind of masochist who likes getting drilled in the balls with a baseball hit hundreds of feet? What a weirdo.