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Lindsey Vonn vehemently denies she cheated on Tiger Woods at Jay-Z concert


On Wednesday, the National Enquirer sent shock waves through the gossip-rag-reading community by teasing a report published in its new issue on Thursday alleging that Lindsey Vonn had cheated on Tiger Woods in August at a Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert in Miami, Fla.

According to a source, Vonn, in South Beach for a LVTakesMiami promotion and photo session, was spotted engaging in “a long session of deep kissing that went on for several minutes” with a “tall, good-looking man, in his mid-40s, with greying temples.” The source also added that the two allegedly “were really going at it.” And how.

Well, Lindsey Vonn has refused to stand idly by and let the National Enquirer besmirch her name and cast aspersions on her fidelity.

A representative for Vonn has attempted to put the kibosh on any scent of a scandal, telling the Daily Mail that “There is not an ounce of truth in this clearly made up story” in a brief but vehement denial that such tawdry makeout shenanigans ever occurred.

Of course, it only makes sense that Vonn would deny the allegations, and maybe she deserves the benefit of the doubt until more substantive evidence emerges beyond a statement from an unidentified source possibly spreading slanderous lies.

Then again, the National Enquirer was spot-on in its initial chronicling of Tiger’s fall from grace, but that does not necessarily mean that simply because the magazine was right on that score that its latest report has any veracity.

Still, if the allegations prove to be true, perhaps Vonn will be viewed as a hero of sorts exacting a twisted form of payback on Tiger — even though by all accounts he has rehabilitated himself and apparently is no longer a reformed philanderer — for his former whoremongering ways. If that’s the case, perhaps Vonn will be viewed as some kind of feminist heroine. You know, for making out with some random dude at a concert. Such public displays of unrestrained horndoggery may not seem to be the noblest of acts, but it does send a certain message. At least to Tiger.