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Get Manning Face on the brain with this Peyton Manning strain of marijuana (pic)


Crazy insane got no brain, uh, Manning Face? Okay, maybe I can’t drop rhymes like Cypress Hill but can you dig how far out it is that Peyton Manning actually has a strain of marijuana named after him? It be true, man, it be true.

“Peyton Manning” bud is described as “The best of both worlds, a Uplifting, Happy, Euphoric, thought provoking Sativa plus the body medicine of Indica. Relaxed, Pain, Sleepy, MS, Anti-Anxiety, Nausea, Headache.”

As you can see, the strain is as multifaceted as its namesake. It can do it all. It’s like it scans the defense of your consciousness while standing at the line of your mind and audibles out of bad plays to help you out of things that harsh your mellow. Man.


Far freaking out, dude. It was only a day ago that we mentioned how Colorado’s new law allowing for recreational marijuana use was having an effect on signs outside liquor stores, now this. It’s a cool, cool scene in Denver right now, folks. Still, it’s not like Peyton Manning would ever partake in a weed-smoking sesh. Unless Wes Welker applied some peer pressure and told the Denver Broncos quarterback that it would be cooler if he did. Then maybe.  Studying game film is a total trip when you’re all smoked up, dude. Players are all moving around and stuff but things slow down and make a different sort of sense. Like you can totally get it.

[H/T Kissing Suzy Kolber, image via @PeterBurnsRadio]