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Brian Wilson tells Kings player to throw ball into stands during first pitch, he obliges (video)


With NHL training camps set to begin, the Los Angeles Dodgers welcomed a few members of the Los Angeles Kings to Dodger Stadium to take part in the ceremonial first pitch before the team hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night.

Jeff Carter, Matt Greene and Daniel Carcillo, who was traded to the Kings by the Chicago Blackhawks in July, were the three Kings tabbed for the honor.

Before the trio sauntered out to the mound to perform their ceremonial first pitch duties, they appeared to be enjoying a whimsical conversation with Dodgers newcomer, Brian Wilson. The oddball reliever was overheard telling the Kings players that they should airmail their pitches into the stands, as no one has ever done that before.

One of them obliged.

It was Dan Carcillo who took Wilson up on the dare. After holding the ball as his Kings teammates did as was expected, Carcillo took aim and launched the ball over the backstop and into the crowd.

That Brian Wilson. What an instigator. He’s like the Woody Woodpecker of eccentric, crazy-bearded major league relief pitchers. Or what have you.

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