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Poor poodle, probably begrudgingly, turned into an Alabama Crimson Tide dog (pic)


Roll Tide? More like “Ruff” Tide, am I right? There is no shortage of evidence that pet owners are willing to do as they see fit when decorating or dressing up their dog, giving little thought to how it may impact the poor animal. But this Alabama Crimson Tide poodle? I understand that Alabama has a big showdown with Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday, but let’s take it back a notch, pet owner. This image would fit right in one of Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial. Cue up “Angel” and we’d all be tearing up right now. Poor little guy.

Or maybe it’s a girl. If that’s the case, no matter how much the dog may want to “bitch” about it, its owner clearly cares more about Alabama football than pretty much everything else, even the feelings of his or her beloved pet.


Wow. Even though this poor creature cannot truly express it, dogs can and do feel humiliation, too. And while it cannot be confirmed, it’s likely that this poor poodle would rather crawl under the deck and hide than be subjected to the indignity of being put on display looking like this.

Although the pooch would make an interesting canine accessory for Miss Alabama and her interesting “Roll Tide” dress.

[via @redditCFB]