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National Enquirer reports that Lindsey Vonn cheated on Tiger Woods


The National Enquirer, the most “truthy” of gossip rags, is reporting that Lindsey Vonn has been caught cheating on Tiger Woods, which is the Bizarro World version of how many assumed any cheating story involving the lovers would play out.

The Enquirer reports that said philandering occurred at a Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert in Miami, Fla., on Aug. 16, where Vonn was spotted making out with some unknown guy.

Do dish, National Enquirer. Do dish!

Radar Online has procured a copy of the story — the Enquirer’s tease of the story, which is scheduled to hit the newsstands in the upcoming issue on Thursday, is just that: A tease — and has published the following accounting of events, as told to the Enquirer by a source:

After the concert was over, Lindsey and a group of female friends, carrying drinks, made their way backstage, and Lindsey spotted a guy she very obviously knew well,” a source told the ENQUIRER.

“She threw herself into his arms and they started on a long session of deep kissing that went on for several minutes. He was a tall, good-looking man, in his mid-40s, with graying temples. They were really going at it. They were both holding drinks, and Lindsey’s free hand was around his neck, drawing him closer, while his hand was gripping her rear end.”

Oh, Lindsey. Oh, oh, Lindsey.  Say it ain’t so, especially after she just claimed she was enjoying such domestic bliss with Tiger, including how he doesn’t even leave the seat up after taking a leak.

Via the Enquirer’s previously mentioned tease: “Lindsey’s not a nun,” a source told the ENQUIRER. “She’s a very physical, very attractive young woman with a very strong athlete’s ego. She wants her own fame – not his. Now it looks like she’s checking out the playing field.”

Perhaps, if the accusations of what transpired at the concert prove to be accurate, Vonn’s actions certainly would serve as a heavy dose of comeuppance for the formally philandering golfer. But given that the report is from, you know, the National Enquirer, perhaps it would be best to reserve judgment until a reputable news source files a report on the allegations. You know, a periodical like STAR Magaine or In Touch Weekly or something along those lines.

Although it is worth noting, despite its reputation as a trashy gossip magazine, the Enquirer was spot-on when it was one of the first outlets to report on Tiger’s infidelity all those years ago. So maybe the mag is right on this score, too.