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‘Driver vs. Driver,’ Episode 3 of Rickie Fowler’s ‘Dick Fowler, P.I.’ premieres (video)


It’s been far too long since we’ve been treated to a new and exciting installment of Rickie Fowler’s powerhouse portrayal of hard-nosed, brilliantly mustachioed golf private investigator Dick Fowler.

Well, the wait is over, as Episode No. 3 (see Episode No.1 here and Episode No. 2 here) of “Dick Fowler, P.I.” has arrived, premiering on Farmers Insurance’s YouTube page, who conveniently is the corporate sponsor of these fantastic videos.

In the latest episode chronicling P.I.’s exploits, “Driver vs. Driver, Dick has reached his breaking point with drivers who cruise alongside golf courses and honk their horns during a golfer’s swing.

The poor sap who is about to incur Dick Fowler’s wrath is a similarly mustached individual, but his fantastic facial hair won’t save him this time. Because in Dick’s eyes, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Brilliant. The best part is how the guy screams, a cliff is shown, the guy screams, a cliff is shown again. Until after a few times, the guy’s car finally careens over the cliff, exploding in a ball of flames … and revenge.

Not to be missed is the disclaimer as the flaming wreckage tumbles to a rest: “No one was harmed in this crash. It is merely an example of what could happen if you mess with Dick Fowler, P.I.”

Damn straight.