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‘Ab-Off’ between teammates bested by Freddie Freeman photobomb (pic)


So, for some reason or another, Atlanta Braves teammates Dan Uggla and Gerald Laird decided to have an “Ab-Off” on Monday. Of course, for an “Ab-Off” to be officially sanctioned by the governing body that oversees the PAOA (Professional Ab-Off Association), the competitors must present their abs to the PAOA Board of Governors.

If that cannot be accomplished, the contest can be judged via some kind of non-scientific, social media forum. Because the PAOA plays it fast and loosed, not letting itself be bogged down by a bunch of rules and regulations. Or whatever. You may have guessed by now — hopefully — that I am making all this up.

Anyhoo, Uggla, the Braves second baseman and Laird, the team’s catcher, lifted up their shirts, had a photo snapped and submitted the pic to Twitter for judgment.

Little did they know that they would be upstaged by a wisenheimer teammate — Freddie Freeman — who pulls off a truly brilliant photobomb.

Via @ElliotJohnson9:


Brilliant. Freddie Freeman is a fantastically fine photobomber. Alliteration rules.