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NFL cameramen appear to be obsessed with hot NFL cheerleader butt (video)


It was only last Thursday that a cameraman (assuming the individual operating the camera in that instance was a man — it could have been a woman, but that’s doubtful) covering the sideline action during the Denver Broncos-Baltimore Ravens tilt expertly (perversely?) framed a Broncos cheerleader bending over during a routine.

It was quite the scene, to be sure, and it looks like it either inspired another cameraman (once again, assuming it was a man) to go searching for bent-over cheerleader butt during the broadcast of Monday night’s San Diego Chargers-Houston Texans game or there is a league-wide epidemic of hind-end-obsessed individuals operating cameras on NFL sidelines.

Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, but check out above how the cameraman catches a Chargers cheerleader in full bend-over mode.

Actually, we are afforded a two-for-one deal on this one. As ESPN “Monday Night Football” analyst Jon Gruden might say, ‘Now THIS GUY knows how to operate a camera.”

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