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Tiger Woods has earned $8,637 for each hole he’s played this year


Eye on Golf did some number-crunching and put together a fantastic analysis of how much money the top golfers on the PGA Tour have earned this year.

Even more interesting is how player earnings, such as Tiger Woods, is further broken down to reveal how much golfers have made per tournament, even drilling down more to show who have been the top earners this year on a hole-by-hole basis.

Not surprisingly, Tiger ranks at the top in all the categories. Even without winning a coveted major this season, yeah, Tiger Woods? He’s a pretty good golfer.

While admittedly not 100% accurate due to match play holes played by some golfers on the list in February, this is a fascinating breakdown.

Per tournament

1. Tiger Woods — $588K
2. Adam Scott — $333K
3. Steve Stricker — $311K
4. Henrik Stenson — $307K
5. Phil Mickelson — $277K
6. Matt Kuchar — $258K
7. Justin Rose — $254K
8. Brandt Snedeker — $235K
9. Jason Day — $165K
10. Jordan Spieth — $145K

Per round

1. Tiger Woods — $155K
2. Adam Scott — $88K
3. Steve Stricker — $78K

As Eye on Golf’s Kyle Porter notes, Tiger has earned more per round this year than all but eight golfers have made per tournament. Crazy.

Per hole

1. Tiger Woods — $8,637
2. Adam Scott — $4,894
3. Steve Stricker — $4,331

Over eight grand per freaking hole. Way out in front of No. 2, Adam Scott. And to compare, 8,000 is the amount of times I curse myself for being a terrible hack of golfer on each hole I play. Not really, but pretty close.

At the bottom of the list:

251. David Duval — $10.78 per hole played
252. Scott McCarron — $10.52 per hole played

David Duval? He’s still playing? And alive? Who woulda thunk it?