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Giants donuts outselling Jets donuts at New York Dunkin’ Donuts (photo)

Boy, that’s a lot of donuts in that there post title. But not as many tasty confectionery treats that remain at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New York that feature a New York Jets theme. That’s a shame.

To make matters even worse — kinda — is that it looks like donuts dressed up in New York Giants colors are far outselling the New York Jets counterparts, by a wide margin, even. I guess the store can’t even enlist the services of Rex Ryan — much like how Elaine utilized Newman to rid herself of excess muffin tops on “Seinfeld” — now that he’s lost all that weight. Before that? Old Rex would have taken that whole tray out. Not so much anymore probably.

With that in mind, as far as New York NFL Team Doughnut-Gate is concerned, I choose to blame Mark Sanchez. It seems like almost everything else that goes wrong involving the Jets gets pinned on him. Why not poor pastry sales?

[via @asportsscribe, H/T SB Nation]