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Miss Alabama’s dress for Miss America Pageant has ‘Roll Tide’ on it (photo)


Roll Tide, indeed. This is apparently real, and let’s be honest, it’s spectacular. You know, in a garish, college football-crazy sort of way.

On Sept. 15, Chandler Champion, a University of Alabama student and the reigning Miss Alabama 2013, will compete at the Miss America Pageant.

Apparently, she will wear this dress during the “Show Me Your Shoe” parade at the pageant. Featuring the legendary houndstooth pattern in a nod to the trademark hat worn by legendary Crimson Tide head coach Bear Bryant, the dress also features “ROLL TIDE” on the front and the Alabama National Championship emblem on the back.

It’s really something, man.

Via @caleighgrace:


Wow. Looking good, Chandler Champion. Great name, by the way. Could she be a bigger Crimson Tide fan? (/”Friends” reference)

Since I can scarcely wrap my head around the concept of the dress, here’s a more detailed description, via

 It has a fitted bodice pants jumpsuit that has a full houndstooth oversized float with the Alabama Football National Championship emblem in the center. The float will hang from the back of the car in the parade. The front panels of the float are trimmed out with the all famous “Roll Tide” wording. A sweetheart neckline also trimmed in the black and white houndstooth, has crystal rhinestone straps.

Best of luck to Miss Champion in her quest to be named Miss America. And as far as being Miss Alabama is concerned, the young lady is in some heady company. You may have heard of the woman who was Miss Alabama in 2012. Katherine Webb. Yep, she did alright for herself.

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