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Jumpin’ Jesus! New RG3 shirt bears message ‘He Has Risen’ (photo)


You know you got a real humdinger of an NFL fan shirt when pseudo-blasphemy is a key component of the message emblazoned upon it. Check out this new shirt that in a way worships Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III as if he were the second-coming of Jesus Christ.

Or, more accurately, how RG3, after a remarkably quick and effective rehabilitation from knee surgery, has experienced a Christ-like resurrection. Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick, indeed.

I suppose it makes sense. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, another recent NFL superstar who made a mind-boggling comeback from a devastating knee injury, is referred to as “Purple Jesus.” Why shouldn’t RG3 receive the same reverential treatment?

Those who would like to purchase one of these tees for an upcoming church picnic or book burning or whatever can buy one here at Monumental Threads.

Modeling the shirt is the proprietor of the aforementioned clothing outfit. His name? Thomas Church. That’s like a black fly in your Chardonnay. Or so I’ve heard.

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog]