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Highly touted high school football player also a cheerleader (video)


Usually, when one thinks of the stereotypical male cheerleader, the hilarious mess that is the guy in this video comes to mind. Rarely would one conjure up the image of a 335-pound behemoth inspiring team spirit, let alone one who also plays football and happens to be a highly recruited college prospect.

But that is indeed the case with Armand Fernandez-Pierre, a senior nose tackle at Episcopal School of Dallas (Tex.). Not only is he a dual-“sport” threat in high school, he excels at football and has been recruited by the likes of UCLA and Miami.

And it appears that cheerleading, above football, is his true, number-one passion.

Fernandez-Pierre is so dedicated to cheerleading that he only agreed to play football if was allowed to cheer as well during games. That’s right, he suits up for the first half, does some cheerleading during halftime and returns to the field for the second half.