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Footage surfaces of Riley Cooper-Cary Williams dustup (video)


Things got a little heated during Philadelphia Eagles practice on Thursday when wide receiver Riley Cooper mixed it up with cornerback Cary Williams.

Cooper, of course, had himself a real rough preseason and training camp after footage emerged of him using a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert (a story tastefully and subtly chronicled by Next Media Animation).

Williams hasn’t commented on the scuffle, reportedly telling media members who approached him at his locker, “Don’t even come by here. I’m not talking at all,” but Cooper apparently said afterward that the dust-up had nothing to do with the aforementioned controversy.

Via CSN Philly:

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was photographed holding back Williams during the mixup (via @davidmaialetti):

He also weighed in on the fracas, saying, “Cary’s a guy who’s very animated, who’s very angry sometimes, and that’s just how he is. We know him, but we love him to death, we embrace him, we accept him. It was early, it was real early to be doing a 1-on-1 competitive period when practice just started, so both of those guys probably had a chip on their shoulder, and they’ve been going back and forth all summer, so it was bound to happen. I just don’t want those guys getting into those type of interactions as of right now. There are a lot of things that we’ve got to focus on, and they’ve got to understand the big picture.”

So, it’s much ado about nothing, correct? This will all go away and there will be no further reports about any incidents involving Riley Cooper and his teammates.

Yeah, right.

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