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Watch two grown-ass men fight over ball at Boston Red Sox game (GIFs)


A ground rule double off the bat of Steven Drew set into motion an epic human struggle where it was determined just how childish two grown-ass men would go and how hard two souvenir-seeking combatants would battle in a quest to obtain a ball at a baseball game. It was a spectacle where the magnificence was only exceeded by its abject stupidity.

Drew’s knock bounced over Fenway Park’s right-center field wall as the BoSox squared off against the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday. And if the play on the field was not riveting enough, what occurred once the ball bounded into the stands and the two aforementioned grown-ass man began tussling, reaching and jockeying for position as they engaged in a tug of war was a sight to behold.

GIFs via Eye on Baseball:

And the winner is…

In the end, after a far-too-lengthy struggle, one foe vanquished the other. And for all his hard work, the reward? A damn baseball.

What a battle. One man wins, the other man loses. Check that, as a society, we all lose with that sad display. Grown-ass men, people. Grown-ass men.

Hey, at least neither of them brought their gloves to the game. I guess.