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Tigers manager Jim Leyland makes Bo Derek reference because he’s 68

Detroit Tigers skipper Jim Leyland can be a cantankerous, nicotine-stained fuddy-duddy. Because he’s old. But he also as sharp as tack, possesses a rapier wit and can craft a well-honed pop culture reference with the best of them … so long as said pop culture era being referenced is the late 1970s.

Above is how Leyland responded to folks picking apart Tigers starter Max Scherzer’s phenomenal season. Despite the fact that he is sitting at 19-2 with a 2.88 ERA — and has differently colored eyes, which is pretty cool — apparently there are some who are unable to appreciate just how great a season he is having and cannot help but attempt to pick apart his remarkable run this summer.

To that, Jim Leyland has nothing but a snort and an incredibly dated reference to a sliver screen madam who star shone brightest before most folks who are reading this were probably born.

And here I thought he’d go with a Raquel Welch reference. Jimmy always struck me as a sucker for brunettes.

[H/T Deadspin, via @beckjason]