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Lolo Jones posts photo to Instagram to reveal she’s put on 20 pounds (pic)

Lolo Jones

In case it’s not common knowledge, not only is Lolo Jones known for being a self-proclaimed virgin, she is also an Olympic athlete. Actually, her status as a successful American track star specializing in hurldes initially was what served as the impetus to her rise to fame, not her virginity. Crazy.

To make her Olympics story all the more compelling, Jones has taken a bit of a detour from her track and field career in order to pursue a spot on the U.S. bobsled team. And perhaps surprisingly, she has fared pretty well in her pursuit.

But her slender frame (above, during the onset of her burgeoning bobsledding career), while perfect for hurdles, doesn’t serve her quite as well in the bobsled arena, which is why Jones revealed on Instagram that she has added 20 pounds to her originally svelte 135-pound body in order to set her on a better path to achieve her quest of competing for the U.S. at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Bearing the message, “These used to be easier when I weighed 135lbs for Track. Now I weigh 155lbs! 7 lbs more to go. #sochi#winterOlympics”, here is how Jones looks with an additional 20 pounds (via Instagram):

Still looks great.

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