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Joe Maddon invites fans to postgame party on Twitter, offers to buy beers


Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon continues to demonstrate how he may be the most interesting managers in baseball. On Tuesday, the Rays were holding a postgame party at a bar in Long Beach, Calif. — near Maddon’s offseason home — following the team’s game against the Los Angeles Angels.

Apparently, the team bring along strobe lights on every road trip for these kind of postgame festivities, but Maddon had something extra special planned for Tuesday’s party at Long Beach hangout Legends.

He took to Twitter to invite fans. And offered to buy beers for any fan rocking Rays gear. Awesome.

The Rays skipper dubbed the festivities a “Win or Weep” party, a name that stems from Maddon’s youth growing up in Hazelton, Pa.

“Hazleton vs. West Hazleton, back in the day, Thanksgiving Day football — after the game, there was the Win or Weep Dance,” Maddon said. “Three years, Hazleton Win Dance.”

Maddon decided before the game that win or lose, the team was having the get-together. But given that the Rays beat the Angels 7-1 to snap a five-game losing streak, the team likely was in far better spirits, so no weeping was involved during the postgame party.

“It was the Win or Weep party post-game tonight,” Maddon said. “Fortunately, it’s a Win party.”

Riding high after a big win, Maddon tweeted out the following invite to any Rays fans who felt like showing up (via @RaysJoeMaddon):

That’s great. Maddon has played things loosey-goosey during his entire tenure as Rays manager, from dyeing his hair black during the 2009 season, to bringing penguins in to the clubhouse this season, the guy knows how to lighten the mood and is the kind of skipper players want to rally behind.

The guy is one cool customer. And a serious wine aficionado to boot. He’s got it all going on.

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