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Here’s how Maria Sharapova picks out a brand-new Porsche (videos)


If you haven’t been paying attention — and shame on you if you haven’t — Maria Sharapova launched her own YouTube channel a few weeks ago. Called the “Maria Sharapova Social Channel,” it is described as follows: “Maria’s groundbreaking new series goes behind the scenes for an intimate portrait on family, friends, fashion, dating and tennis!” Fascinating.

Over the past several days, a few videos have been posted on the social channel that provide a behind-the-scenes look at Miss Sharapova purchasing a brand new Porsche. You know, revealing how the upper crust live.

It’s riveting theater.

It opens on its own, it drives on its own…Does it FLY?

But can I get a cushion for my tushie?

And finally:

It opens on its own, it drives on its own…Does it FLY?

Good grief.

Given that Sharapova seems to enjoy engaging in promotional stunts to pimp her candy line, paddle boarding and filming videos were she reveals to us how enjoyable it is to find out if a person can get a cushion for their “tushie” in a new Porsche, perhaps it’s time for her to give up tennis altogether and simply enjoy the good life while living off the millions she has earned and will continue to earn through her many endorsements.

Let’s hope she doesn’t, but then again, who could blame her? Looks like a lot more fun than 10-hour training days.

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