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GAH! What in the holy hell is wrong with LeBron James’ toes? (photos)


In the continuing quest to cover anything and everything that LeBron James has been up to during the NBA offseason — from the mundane to the slightly interesting — our latest installment features a ghastly, grotesque and horrific site: His toes.

The Miami Heat superstar was photographed while vacationing in Saint-Tropez last week and one cannot help but instantly be drawn to whatever the hell is going on with the toes on his left foot.

Seriously, what is wrong with them? They are all twisted and weird and nasty. Was he involved in some kind of bizarre farm accident or something? Did his foot get caught in a thresher?

A close-upĀ  pic — should you need further evidence of the hot mess that is LeBron’s right foot, not to mention possess the intestinal fortitude for closer examination — follows.

Image via BuzzFeed:


Goodness gracious, that’s straight-up nightmare fuel, folks.

Seriously, how does he walk, let alone perform the miraculous feats of agility and athleticism he routinely exhibits on the basketball court? Yikes.