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Bryce Harper forgets that teams get three outs per half-inning (videos)


To be fair, things can get a little boring while patrolling the outfield during a baseball game. Attention lags, thoughts wander, the mind drifts, so Bryce Harper temporarily forgetting how many outs the Washington Nationals had recorded out in the field during the eighth inning of the team’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies certainly is understandable.

Funny? Sure. Embarrassing for Harper? You better believe it. Understandable? Sure, why not.

Watch as Harper tracks down a lazy fly ball to shallow left field, catches it and begins jogging back to the dugout before remembering not quickly enough that there are three outs per half inning, not two (via

Uh, derp. Not surprisingly, the Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park can be heard letting Harper have it a little bit by jeering him for his amusing gaffe. Deservedly so, I’d say.

But at the end of the day, who cares, right? As Harper would put it so eloquently just recently, “Screw what people think.” A better motto there might not be.