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Canadiens C Alex Galchenyuk’s golf swing makes Charles Barkley’s look good (vid)

As Eye on Hockey notes, such as is often the case for athletes who have reached the pro level in other sports, many NHL players play golf. It’s a relatively safe pastime — Claude Giroux’s experience excluded — and a great way to spend some time outside in the company of friends. And becoming more frustrated, more upset, more angry at life than you think possible.

Montreal Canadiens young center Alex Galchenyuk clearly is not one of those NHLers who has spent a lot of time playing golf. Or if he has, much like the aforementioned Charles Barkley, whose swing is as about as atrocious as it gets, he needs Hank Haney’s help. Pronto.

Seriously, it looks like Galchenyuk is more interested in killing a lot of grass, not hitting the darn golf ball, although he does ultimately manage to make contact.

At the same time, the kid is only 19. He’s probably spent a majority of his life at the rink fine-tuning his game.

Give him time. He’ll be making contact on the first swing in no time.