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Falcons wideout Roddy White calls person a ‘disrespectful little peasant’ on Twitter


Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White — no stranger to causing controversy on Twitter — may have caused himself another social media headache on Monday evening when he engaged in a back and forth with a couple of Twitter users, including reacting to one user who questioned just how hard of a job playing professional football is by referring to the individual as a “disrespectful little peasant.”

Yeah, probably not a wise decision. You know how the Twittersphere can react to one of their own being ripped on by a celebrity or well-known athlete who sits atop his or her high horse and looks down upon the unwashed masses who comprise the “common folk” on Twitter.

White’s regrettable Twitter tirade began with an innocuous enough tweet about working on Labor Day:

One Twitter user questioned whether or not playing a “kids game” really could be characterized as work, a comment White did not look upon fondly:

Which resulted in the following exchange:

White seemed to have composed himself after a few hours and somewhat issued a mea culpa of sorts, tweeting that referring to a person as some kind of feudal laborer may not have been the best idea:

The wide receiver should have left it at that, but White couldn’t help himself and was back at it on Tuesday morning:

Yeah, sometimes, no matter how slighted or disrespected one may feel, it’s often the wiser move to leave something unsaid. Or un-tweeted, in this case.

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