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Mike Fisher bitten when saving wife Carrie Underwood from rascally chipmunk (videos)


Sure, NHL training camps may be a few weeks off, but Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher had a real workout on the domestic front over the weekend by rescuing his wife, country music superstar — and new performer of the “Sunday Night Football” theme song on NBC — Carrie Underwood, out of the dastardly clutches of a little rodent after a chipmunk managed to infiltrate the couple’s home.

Miss Underwood misidentifies the little rodent as a squirrel, but Fisher, the mammalian taxonomist that he is, corrects his spouse by informing her that it is a chipmunk.

It was quite the scene, and to make matters worse, Fisher did not emerge from his showdown with the varmint unscathed.

Watch as Fisher wrangles the little rascal, who had scurried behind a toilet. Via Vine:

 Well done. I guess you could say as far as smaller prey is concerned, Mike Fisher is a true “Predator.” Heh. Actually, that was pretty stupid. But, as mentioned above, Fisher suffered a minor injury during his foray into amateur pest control, which he documented in a Vine video of his own as well as a photo he posted to Twitter:

Yikes. Fisher may want to get that checked out. Chipmunks are notorious carriers of disease. Or possibly even rabies. Dealing with rabies shots ain’t a good thing for anyone, even a tough-as-nails NHL hockey player.

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