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Maria Sharapova tries out paddle boarding, freaks over spotting reef shark (photo)


Maria Sharapova pulled out at the last minute and is not competing in the U.S. Open so the tennis-playing beauty decided to enjoy some fun in the sun and surf on Labor Day by trying out paddle boarding for the first time while vacationing somewhere in the Caribbean.

It seems to have gone well enough, but before tweeting out the above photo of a breathtaking Caribbean sunset (above), Sharapova tweeted on Monday that she was none too pleased to have spotted a reef shark while paddling about the crystal blue Caribbean waters.

Via @MariaSharapova:

And her commentary about her “close call” with a dangerous marine predator:

Sharapova does not indicate just how close the reef shark came nor does she report if she was in any serious danger, but maybe she would have been safer battling through her injury at the U.S. Open instead of tooling around the Caribbean on a paddle board. Probably not, as she reportedly is suffering through a bout with bursitis in her right shoulder, a tough injury to deal with as a tennis player, but at least there aren’t any sharks on the hard courts.

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