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Jerry Jones is so excited about Cowboys season he’s having trouble sleeping


Usually, when a man who has reached the age of 70 admits to difficulty sleeping at night and dealing with waking up too early, it commonly revolves around having to get up to use the bathroom a bunch of times. That’s not the case for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who admitted during a Tuesday appearance on Dallas radio that he’s just so gosh-darned excited about the upcoming Dallas Cowboys season that he is springing up out of bed far earlier than usual. He’s like a kid on Christmas, only he’s a billionaire and owns an NFL team.

Here’s what Jones had to say on his radio show on KRLD-FM about how eagerly he is anticipating the Cowboys kicking off their season against the division rival New York Giants at AT&T Stadium on Sunday Night Football: “Can’t sleep, popped up at 4:30 this morning. It’s just an exciting time to think that we’ve got the team on the field that we do. This is a big game, we open it up nationally at AT&T Stadium. [It’s] almost more than I can handle.”

Jones insists that even though he envisions that the prospects are good that the Cowboys could enjoy a successful season, he also feels a lot of pressure as well (via the Star-Telegram):

“I feel pressure because of the fact that we haven’t met our expectations,” Jones said. “These last two years have been arguably … the most disappointing years in my career with the Cowboys. So, we needed to make some changes, and we did and have. Now, will they work? Will they be effective and productive? That’s what’s there. But we’ve given ourselves a real chance to maximize what [Tony] Romo brings to the table, to maximize our talent.

“I do feel pressure. But we do that to ourselves. We basically shove it all out there. We put it all on the line every time we throw. And I think that’s the only way to go. Consequently, we have big swings. We have big disappointment when we don’t get there. But that doesn’t do anything unless you do something about those disappointments. I think we’ve done that.”

Still, a man the age of Jerry Jones needs to get his rest. Then again, Jones recently did say he has the brain of a 40-year-old man. Maybe not needing a lot of sleep is one of the fringe benefits of his youthful mind.

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