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Darin Ruf swings and misses badly at pitch he had no business going after (video)


During the bottom-half of the eighth inning of the tilt between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies on Monday, Phils first baseman Darin Ruf swung wildly at an offering from Nats pitcher Tyler Clippard.

Ruf had no business whatsoever taking a cut at the pitch, as it landed several feet in front of the plate before bouncing to the backstop.

Ugly pitch, even uglier swing.


And a GIF:

Ouch. Ultimately, Ruf was retired on a pop-up to shortstop Ian Desmond, but the Phillies managed to escape with a 3-2 victory.

Still, one cannot deny that the decision by Ruf to swing was a poor one. And given he couldn’t recover and get on base, you could even say that Ruf had a “rough” at-bat, if you’re an idiot like me.

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