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Chase Utley responds to Mac’s letter from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ episode (video)


It has taken nearly five years, but Philadelphia Phillies star Chase Utley finally has replied to the awkward fan letter Mac, as portrayed by Rob McElhenney, once wrote to him during “The World Series Defense” episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Classic. And touching and heartwarming.

Of course, Chase Utley is Mac’s favorite Phillies player for a multitude of reasons as he explains to Sweet Dee before his letter about “having a catch” with the second baseman is read aloud:

Sadly, Mac never got the opportunity to meet his hero, as he expected to at a charity event in a later episode, “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods,” during which Dennis and Charlie hang out with Utley and Ryan Howard, who make cameos.

But after all this time, Utley responds to the fictional character’s hilariously awkward letter in a video for MLB Fan Cave:

Utley’s letter has stickers, too! Fantastic. We’ll have to see if Utley’s letter somehow gets worked into the ninth season of “It’s Always Sunny,” which premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 4 on FXX.