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Bryce Harper on criticism by media: ‘Screw what people think’


Given how long he has been part of the national baseball discussion and his success on the field, it’s hard to believe that Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper is still only 20 years old. And then just when it is forgotten, a display of somewhat brash immaturity befitting a young man his age rears its ugly head.

Dealing with his fair share of injuries, Harper nevertheless has put up some decent numbers at the plate, (.278 BA, 19 HR and 49 RBI) this season despite only appearing in 99 of the team’s 137 games.

The team, meanwhile, has struggled mightily, or at least much more than most knowledgeable baseball types expected. At 69-68, the Nationals find themselves completely out of the NL East race at 15 games back of the Atlanta Braves and nearly out of the hunt for a wild card spot.

And even though Harper is nearly universally lauded for his talent and praised as a budding superstar, he has struggled at times both on the field and off it, and as a consequence, still has his detractors in the media, but no matter what they write or say, it apparently does not bother Harper one bit.

Here is how Harper responded to a question about how he deals with media criticism (via CSN Washington):

“I could care less what people think. Screw what people think. Everybody talks about us all year long saying we’re not going to make this or do that. I could care less what they think. It’s all what we think. I could really care less what the media thinks or anybody else. It’s nice to get that W tonight and like I said, I could care less what people think.”

Enough said. How do you like them apples, media members? Harper made it abundantly clear how much media criticism affects him.

And yet, a few points have to be knocked off his no-nonsense retort for his embarrassing use of “could care less.” Come on, man. He should know better.